Thursday, June 28, 2007

Evening, June 27

(e-mail from B. Parady)

An uneventful day. No storms, Two BMs in spite of not being fed for 4 days. I had long long discussions with the GI team to get on it. The nurse Tom, did a great job in slow feeding Sabina contrast media through the day to prepare her for the late evening CAT scan of her gut.

The GI guy grudgingly admitted that stubborn constipation may be at the root this evening before the testing. The two BMs sort of put an exclamation point on it. We shall see. I got them to ready TPN in case we need to feed her depending on what they find.

I have her looking at the TV with Animal Planet. Her eyes move slightly side to side , but only operate in the left 45 degrees. She can only barely go right of center. So no Helen Hayes until they get the young lady to digest.

My prayers are for Sabina to endure all the hardship facing her to gain her health and begin rehab. Prayers for her mother to gain the strength to endure.

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